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We have CLOSED the business down.

Cane Bay Photography specializes in providing Business and event photography. With lead photographer, Ron Montgomery, Cane Bay Photography will provide you with experienced business and event photography in the Low County Region of South Carolina.

Cane Bay Photography is based Charleston, South Carolina.  Cane Bay Photography provides photography services to Charleston and beyond.

Ever since I started my business I have always included an album in our collections. Occasionally we will produce the rare “shoot & burn” but I really try to shy away from them. (Shoot and Burns are when you only deliver the digital images on a disc – no prints or albums are provided)

I believe an album should be provided with all collections because we are all losing a bit of our photographic legacy as images get achieved into the dark recesses of our hard drives. Having access to digital files is important. Sharing photos on facebook and your iPhone gives people a lot of pleasure and is a good thing.

But there also needs to be a hard copy that will survive the internet and the computer upgrades. There needs to be something that the bride and groom can touch and feel and show future generations. There needs to be something that will survive and create their personal legacy. I truly believe that people deserve good photographs and albums that their children and grandchildren will be able to appreciate.

Keeping the thought in mind that people will be looking at these albums today and also 20, 50, 75 years from now helps me design my albums.

In general I try to also keep a very clean and simple design. I do tend to have more photos in my albums than many other photographers. But you will never see borders, drop shadows, or massive graphics in my albums. The photos should always be the main thing you see when you look at the album, not the effects.



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Busy Week

Hello All

I know I have not kept this up like I should but it has been a busy year so far.

So here is what is coming up. This weekend is going to be very busy.

Thursday and Friday I am working with a local construction company helping them build images that show what they can do for their clients.

Saturday I am working with Virgil of Virgil Bunao Photography. He is one of the best wedding photographers in Charleston. Virgil has had a busy year also. Just last week he flew to Aruba for a wedding. He can be found at http://virgilbunao.com/

Sunday, I am support Snap Classes. They conduct photography classes. The classes are taught by Angela and Michael Koska of Michael Koska Photography (http://michaelkoska.com/) out of Columbia, South Carolina. Snap Classes can be found at http://www.snapclasses.com/.

Monday I am support a charity. I will be photographing the 3rd Annual Wounded Warrior Golf Tournament. The tournament will be held at the beautiful Coosaw Creek Country Club in North Charleston, SC. There is still space available so please check out their web page and support a good cause at http://www.golfdigestplanner.com/21212-smga/index.html.

Then the week starts all over again.

Give me a call and see how I can help your Business. I am based out of Charleston, SC but travel up and down the east coast to provide my clients the support they deserve.